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hooligan, the warnings about not de-capping live primers are hyperbolized for insurance purposes, aimed at the least common denominator type people who act the fool and then try to get others to pay for their own foolishness. They even say to not use reloaded ammo. DO you follow that rule? lol.

Even though common sense doesn't seem to be very common anymore, realize that there are billions of people. So even if a small percentage only has enough common sense to approach the task with some caution, that's easily millions of people. I have de-capped prolly hundreds of live primers over the years without ever setting one off.

Primers are detonated with a quick sharp blow to them, as a firing pin (or decapping pin). If you ease the pin gently against the primer and push it out slowly, there is very little chance of it going off. If it were really as dangerous as they say, then it wouldn't be safe to lower the hammer onto a live round on a gun, because the firing pin usually touches the primer. If a person can not do that, perhaps they shouldn't be handling weapons at all.

If one is inept or newbie to reloading, it's good advice to go by the book. But as an advanced reloader, I can say to the author of that book...There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
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