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I've owned several Bersa 380s, a Ruger LCP, a Kel-Tec 380 and have shot the SW Bodyguard.

That said I chose NOT to buy the Bodyguard. I didn't like the laser and frankly in a mouse gun like that who needs sights? The one I shot also had a gritty and creepy trigger.

Of the three guns I've owned I liked the Bersa the most. It was heavier than the other guns (being all metal construction) but that gun shot everything I fed it and then wanted more. Recoil was easy to handle due to the extra mass and the trigger is the best of all of the pocket guns mentioned. I never had a problem drawing the gun from concealment. Never caught the hammer or safety while drawing.

I liked the LCP more than the Kel Tec. It just felt better in my hands and I actually liked the trigger more.
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