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I have had two Kel-Tec P3ATs (one first gen and one second gen) as well as a P32 and a P11 and could never get any of them to work reliably enough to carry. Fluff & Buff, new mags, lots of go. Sold each with full disclosure, and lost my shirt. Actually, I gave one away. Never again.

I have owned two LCPs. First was an early (370-series) and I had already put 150+ trouble free rounds through it. I fell within the recall range. so when I sent it in for the recall, I bought a 371 series, which also worked perfectly from round one (I put about 150 rounds through it the first day).

When the 370 came back about a week later with a new spare mag and a hat, I sold the 371 to a friend, who still owns and carries it.

I have handled the BG, but after doing some reading about the laser button failing/disassembling itself/sticking, etc...thanks but no thanks.
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