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I don't know how much time and space you have available, but you have said that money is not a constraint per se.

Have you given any thought to hand loading? It will open a lot of doors for you...for example, no matter which guns you choose to keep, sell or buy, after the initial investment you can produce good quality range ammo for 1/3--1/2 the price of factory ammo. The more you shoot, the more you save.
At least that is what most of us tell ourselves.

Seriously, it would allow you to keep and shoot the 9mm, plus one or both of the .38s, and/or most anything else you decide to buy in the future. Depending on the manufacturer, the .38 dies will probably allow the loading of .357s as well.

And 9mm once-fired brass is so cheap and plentiful that it is almost an incedental as far as cost is concerned. It is literally as cheap as primers--.03 per round.
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