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Here`s my input on rifle loading ,mind ya I shoot a limited amount of bolt ammo.

I clean my brass inspect necks & for incipient head seperation .

Lube with RCBS II case lube & push the shoulder back just enuff for reliable feeding/chambering, wash the lube off with hot water & dawn, dry cases .

Check length/trimm as nessacery, clean primer pockets, flare/expand mouths for lead bullets.

Clean again in corncob ( I like shiney clean brass) unplug primer holes .

Seat primers ,drop powder

Raise the case in the press screw die down until it (crimping step)touches the mouth, then back it out 1/2 turn ,lock it .

Seat bullet to length ,weither it has no cannalure/or does ,crimping groove/or not.

Screw seating plug up so not to touch bullet ,unlock die then adjust crimp to needs .

Just always start each step of seating/crimping with the case raised to it`s highest point .

I batch load & I do this for as few as 5 rounds or as many as 200.

No biggie on salvaging stuff , some brass will form back some won`t, just use caution & common sense including safety gear

I do use my reclaimed primer for non critical uses but mine all went bang to !
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