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"I'm kind of wondering why you were thinking of getting another 9mm. I like a little variety, I would probably thought about a .40 S&W, or a .45 cal."

A valid question. The answer is ammo commonality. I like the 9mm, ammo is cheap and widely available. I want both pistols to be relatively close in shooting, but different enough to each other to be interesting.

I've had two 45's. Though my experience with them was relatively brief, I know that I don't want another. Besides, ammo is not cheap for these (and I decided that I don't want to handload for the autos - I HATE chasing the brass).

As for 40 S&W.....a fine round, to be sure. But too snappy for my taste....and not needed, as 9mm will do the job. (Please, no ammo flame war guys - 9mm is my preference - just let it go.)

"You could also try out a Glock 19 and a Walther P99/PPQ. They're in the same general size and price category, and both pretty popular for some pretty good reasons."

Duly noted. I am not a fan of the Glock grip, though......and I don't care for pistols that cannot be carried fully UN-cocked, with a round in the chamber. But, I intend to look over and consider everything - and I'll check out the Walthers. Thanks.

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