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I'm lost with all of the back and forth...

Let's look at what we have.
1st, the case is bulged at or just behind the shoulder.
2nd, oh, there isn't one.

What needs to be done?
Pull the bullet. I like the inertia type. They don't screw up bullets. The bullet/s are ok. The powder is ok. the primers are ok. The only thing not right is the brass.

First on the sizing die, screw the depriming rod back/in until it will no longer reach the primer, yet still expand the neck (don't go in so deep as to try to expand and size the neck at the same time). Lub the out side of the brass and size them and wipe off the lub. Don't forget to screw your depriming rod back into possession when your done.

Now you are ready to load again. Only this time, DON'T crimp. Reset you seating die by following the instructions that came with it.

Being OCD, I wouldn't use the bullets/powder for precision loads. But that's just me.

OK, guys start ripping me



I was too slow. See above. But, I'm a little different.
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