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1. Get an impact bullet puller. No reloader should ever be without one.

2. Pull bullet and save. You can reload it later.

3. Empty powder and save. (ditto above)

4. Using proper case lube, slowly/steadily resize the case w/ your head/eyes averted "just in that 1/1,000,000 case." Save primer (ditto above)*

5. Re-prime the now sized cases/Re-weigh powder/Fill cases.

6. Unscrew seating die one full turn from contact w/ the shell holder when ram is fully up. Lock Die at this point (and forever more).**

7. Re-seat bullets to ~crimp groove as you show in your picture (it's as good a place to start as any)

8. You are done.

* My experience is the same as Brian P's. YMMV of course.
** Forget crimping at this point as you don't need it anyway.
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