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I've been on the phone with Hornady Customer Service many times now over the last 2 weeks.

What do the indexing pawls do; is there a video that shows how these are adjusted?

If the shellplate is engaged into the detent ball holes below the shell plate at the start of the upstroke, does that mean the press is indexing correctly and the pawls do not need further adjustment?

When I tear cases, or fail to get a primer fully seated, the shellplate moves from right to left or left to right as the ram is moved to the full up and full down positions and the case is engaged into the dies.

I'm only loading a single case at a time until I can get it to run correctly.

A new problem arose today. About 1/3 of the time, the fully completed case gets jammed into the ejection port and sometimes it gets tossed on top of the shellplate instead of going into the plastic holding tub.

One recurring theme is that in order to seat a primer, I need to rock the ram arm slightly at the top before I move the lever forward. Initially, I thought that this ocurred because the shellplate detent balls were not engaged into the holes under the shellplate (e.g., an indexing issue). However, I checked very carefully on many occasions and the shellplate detent balls are in the detent holes on each occasion and that is why I think my problem is NOT an indexing issue.
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