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Need a little more advice on cartridge reloading

As you may recall I have moved into black powder cartridge reloading with the .45 Long Colt and have the pistol to shoot.

Pretty soon it is going to be time for a rifle.

I suppose there is real reason to stick with the same round for the rifle as I am using in the pistol. (Keep in mind I don't ever shoot CAS.)

But on the other hand if I wanted to change to a different caliber for the rifle what is a good caliber to get into?

I want to stick with nineteenth century lever actions (replicas)

Here are some of my thoughts.

44-40 is not all that different from .45 Long Colt. It may not make sense to get into a new caliber which is so close to the one I am already shooting.

.38 - .357 might be a choice.

.32 seems a little small.

Hurry guys, the gun show is Saturday.

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