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CCI Blazers I find to be the best of the cheap stuff.
I agree,- I've shot well over 7000 rds of the CCI Blzrs with no duds and maybe 2 malfunctions-due to heavy fouling after 4-500 + rounds. The Blzrs are definitely a bit dirtier than the Minimags which are a step up in par.

Still the Blzrs are very cheap and reliable- an ultimately the .22 ammo I shoot the most of.

Last gunshow I purchased 5000 for about 165 dollars.

Remington ammunition is the WORST, especially the .22 thunderbolts.

In the beginning I tried several brands of premium and cheap bulk ammo. I had gotten 2 duds using a 100 pk of Reminton. subsonics. I even tried firing both duds again,.... and still no ignition! I've tried their Golden bullets with similar results. I've gotten duds from centerfire ammo manufactured by remington.

Remington's rimfire ammo feels so loose- the bullets wobble around easily. Taking a closer look at the ammo, some of the lead bullets look very un-uniform, somewhat oxidized/ discolored, and the ammo is dirty:- kinda like the factory scenerio was moist and their work force could be found bar hopping instead of commiting to quality inspections or upkeeping of the equipment...
Remington's quality standards have gone down the **** hole in recent times

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