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No ,do it your self if you can . What is AWB stand for ? Do you know what exactly needs to be done to make the gun compliant to your states laws .If not , go online and check with your DOJ and ask at your local gun stores . Ask a couple people at a few stores .That should give you an idea if you should try it or not .

As for ordering all the stuff at once and some of it not being legal . In some states just having the parts is not legal . I forget the legal term but just having the parts and you being able to install them is illegal in some states .

So be very carefull what you do I don't want you to get busted and really it's not worth trying and skirt the law just a little thing . you may end up in jail or pay a fine and never be able to buy a gun again . Its never a good idea to play around with that kind of stuff .

Educate your self on all the issues and don't rush in to it .
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