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Digging around in the forum ....on questions of general interest on shotguns / just like on the handgun side....will give you a lot of background info too.

especially on any threads....that concern issues like:

a. " why one gague over another"

b. " how to pick a clay target gun "

c. " Fit" issues..../ because on shotguns we have no rear sights for the most how a gun fits / because as we mount the gun - our eye becomes the Rear Sight....makes "Fit" - so the gun hits where you look - a really big deal. Its a complex issue...

d. "reloading issues" on shotshells..if you want to get into that part of the hobby ...

e. What is a "general purpose shotgun", vs a "Trap gun" ...

some links like this ....

on Trap shooting specifically ....

on Skeet shooting..

lots of stuff out there..../ and if I can help you specifically drop me a personal note.
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