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Hornady L-N-L - Do I have a bad resizing die?

I'm setting up this new AP Lock-N-Load press and I have broken two indexing pawls on this press in the last few days but I'm not sure why.

I think I have EVERY problem that is humanly possible with this Hornady press but one recurring issue is very puzzling. Once fired cases (.40) do not want to cycle through (e.g., go into) the resizing/decapping die. I have tried changing the indexing pawls by 1/8 turns on the indexing screws but this does not solve the issue. Most of the time, I have to use my fingers to guide the case into the die on Station #1. This only happens on Station #1.

I have also tried (i) cleaning the Hornady carbide die, (ii) changing the L-N-L bushing on this die, and (iii) checking the shellplate spring without a resultion. Hornady Customer Service believes it is a pawl adjustment issue but I don't think so.

Is there something wrong with the resizing die? Should I try loading a different caliber or try out the resizing die on a SS press?

Other issues with the press are too numerous to list here.
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