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Balistic Tests

To answer the question above me first I actually carry Hornaday critical Defense in several of my handguns not all but several.

As far as handgun penetration testing I find it to be in general useful but not the only thing to live by. My method with a new defensive firearm goes a little something like this......

1. Pick Gun
2. Clean and inspect gun before it ever sees the range
3. buy (or use if already on hand) the most cost effective ammo to famalrize myself with the weapon Federal Champoin bulk gets used alot
4. Begin to mix in High quality SD ammo to test for function and accuracy
5. Find The most accurate SD load
6. Test the most accurate SD load until I know it will function

I am way more concerned with hitting what I am aiming at than a round that does 14.3 or 15.2 inches in a balistic test. My plan is to be shooting COM on a human being who means me harm. I have no interest in a shot through glass, drywall, a car door, or any other barrier.

If there is a wall between myself and a threat I will be using it as concealment (not cover concealment) to mount a hasty retreat.

In my home I am armed with a very dependable shotgun if someone was beating down the bedroom door and they meant us harm I would be doing some penetration testing with Winchester PDX 1 the round with a slug and buckshot. PS I already know it will penetrate a standard interior door because I used one off a house remodle for testing.

I can understand why the FBI, LEOs, and the military need penetration testing on their ammo however I am not them therefore my needs are a bit different.

Regards, Vermonter
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