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I gotta be honest I'm not a fan of the .45acp for the sole purpose that even in a large handgun you are getting only 8-12 rounds. With advancements in bullet technology today ill take a larger capacity 9mm any day, not only is it easier on followup shots but I can carry twice as much ammunition in the same package. Now in a compact I can carry 10+1 or 12+1 of 9mm where a compact .45 usually only holds 6+1. The .45acp does not have enough edge over the 9mm for me to give up double the amount of ammunition in the same size package. Now the .45 Colt, that's a round I really like.

If the first round does not accomplish the task then having 15 more in a magazine is not going to make very much difference.
What a load of rubbish. Why don't we just outfit our military with single shot .50's then, because by your logic if the first shot doesn't stop them there doomed anyway.

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