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Finally got to the range to try these out.

Was very impressed with the SR9c. I hadn't shot one before that day. The trigger is impressive for a striker fired gun. Clean break, not too heavy. I was a bit concerned given it's size that the recoil might be a bit too much for her. Was pleasantly surprised. She had no issue with it and was able to get consecutive shots without trouble while I was able to dump all 10 rds of the small mag into a head target at 7 yds firing as quickly as possible. Seems well put together. The safety is a bit of a concern, but the trigger is a bit light so I guess I can understand the rationale. It's easy enough to operate with a thumb that I can see disengaging on the draw. It really fit her hand well and it's "cute", which is a plus .

The Glock did not go so well. She had issues with limp wristing that didn't result in malfunctions but brass to the face that made her not too happy (which was not a problem with the Ruger). She also seemed to have a hell of a time hitting with it as opposed to the Ruger. The grip seems a bit thick for her hands too. In shooting it myself I notice I was shooting a tad high, but that was because I haven't shot one in a while and they point a bit high for me naturally so I wasn't angling my wrists enough. I have to say that next to the SR9c the trigger is a bit of a downer.

I think for now we might go with the SR9c. She likes it the most and this is her gun after all. And tbh I like it too , so much so that I might borrow it from her on occasion.
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