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I'm partial to anything in .45 ACP from 5 to 250 yards
Honestly.. Why?? Thats going to have some serious drop at that range. Hits will be difficult compared to other options. Not only that but the velocity of that .45 round is going to be reduced significantly at that range.

I love pistol caliber carbines but not for those kinds of ranges. For me they are for 100 yards and in. Unless your talking about .357 and .44 mag rifles

Then you really don't know do you. I carried the .45 M1A1 and the M3 and could engage targets from 100 to 200 yards as well as 5 to ten yards. With the HK I can hit cans at 250 yards still today. The drop at 200 is only 18"~20" an easy hold over then back to 100 point blank. I have girls that can do it too.


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