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I go along with what most guys are saying to you. But there is a another stop-gap option for you if you are going to continue to want to load a crap-load of 9mm, and you're not ready for your Dillon yet.

That would be a Lee pro 1000. Never owned one myself, having gone directly to the sweet RCBS Pro 2000, after doing small batches for 40 years on a Rock Chucker.

A good friend of mine did though, and I helped him set it up and tune it to load 9mm. It does a great job on one caliber as long as you watch powder levels carefully. Of course that advice goes for any other press too, but with the Lee's limited number of stations, there's no room for fancy stuff like powder cops.

Anyway if you were to go to Graf's and buy a 9mm version of the Pro 1000 for a whole $167. (that includes a die set and powder measure) You can load your stash, one quality round finished per pull of the handle, just as fast as a Dillon (or RCBS Pro 2000 for that matter). Really hard to beat the value.

Of course I'm not saying you give up your goal of a Dillon......I believe I mentioned, "stop-gap." I'll be honest with you, after 40 years of doing it the slow way.....I don't know why in hell, I didn't buy a progressive sooner.

BTW, my friend hasn't moved up to a "spensive" machine yet. He decided he wanted to load .45 too so he bought another Lee Pro 1000! Up to that time he was loading his .45 on another friend's little used Dillon 650. I Gotta say, I'm a little jealous....he walks in and loads a l000 changing caliber setup, just a little cleaning when he's done, so it's ready for the next time he walks in. Did he ever have trouble? Yup, when he let a couple of bolts loosen up once, and when he tried to use Winchester primers. We found a tip on the internet that said that Lees feed CCI's like water......and you know what? They do, as long as you keep a little graphite sprayed into a clean primer drop tube.

Of course you can do the same thing (multiple presses) with Dillons and some do.....but not for the price of ONE.

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