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Ya I know what you mean. I have never been to fond of relying on the laser. And wife is on same page on that. Need to know how to shoot and get on target and not count on something with batteries. But of all the lasers out there the one on the LCP that has the activation button right at the end of the finger (like your finger should be until ready to fire) seemed the most user friendly to her and I. But I don't see my self ever adding one to a gun. If it is on there when I buy one is a different story but not going to look for a gun with one. And nice looking gun by the way. Wife was leaning towards one but then I found a 638 used for a heck of a price and got that for her and she loves shooting it. Put a Hoage grip on it for when she target shoots more then 50 rounds but switching grips back and forth makes no difference on her shot pattern.
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