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Basically the LCP and the Keltec are the same gun. Therefore if your friend finds one or the other for a better price I would go that direction. Typically the kel tec is thought of as being a little less refined. The ones I have handled have looked worse but shot the same for whatever that is worth.

I pocket carry an LCP any day I absolutly can't get away with a bigger gun on my body. It is easy to pocket carry in your strong hand and slip an extra mag into the other pocket on your weak hand. The sights are aweful but even with that said it is normal for me to empty it into the A zone as fast as I can shoot at seven yards.

Mine has literally never failed with Hornaday Critical Defense and well thats what I carry in it.

Desantis Super Fly Holster, LCP, Extra Mag, and Hornaday Critical defense is the setup. This often accompanies me on short walks to the store or those quick I'll be right back kinda trips. I am surrently considering a laser for it and my only regret is that I didn't buy it with one as they are a better deal as a package.

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