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I have a medium sized tackle box I've modified to a range bag, it's easy to carry, & holds anything I've ever needed, contains basic hand tools, cleaning tools & supplies, & a wide assortment of screws, springs, & etc. that I might need, as well as a bore light, some spray lubes & etc. ( sorry no specific range tool, just the box that holds them all... in that situation, I prefer the correct tool, rather than something that tries to be everything )

my actual favorite range "tool" ( sorry again, as I know it's not what you were after ) is my 4 seater Kawi Mule... makes going out to the 200-300 yard targets easy for me & up to 3 of my shooting buddies... it's had alot of work done to it, & I trim branches from the aluminum diamond plate roof, to keep my range branch free...

I do have a nice damaskus hand crafted Screwknife, that my wife bought for me... they are the "tool" to have for CAS
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