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old roper, one of the 'smiths catering to match rifle folks also worked with another 'smith catering to the BR discipline. I shot matches with him and he was the one in the late '60's or early '70's that mentioned some BR 'smiths were gluing in Rem 700 receivers in BR rifles for the .222 and 22 PPC rounds.

Sweet Shooter, yes there is a science behind the cycling of a barrel. They behave exactly like a guitar string. For a give size, length and fit, they both vibrate/whip at the same frequency regardless of how hard they're stressed from external forces; cartridge firing or finger plucking. The only difference between light forces and heavy ones is the amplitude they wiggle at but the frequency stays the same. Shooting different weight bullets across a wide velocity range doesn't change the barrel's node or antinode points. Different bullet speeds will exit at different points in the barrel's whip cycle, but that cycle is constant in frequency but changes in size. People figured this out over a hundred years ago.
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