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Hey guys . Im in C.A. and we have to neuter are guns here as well . Although are restrictions apear to be different . We are aloud collapsible stocks but we must have a bullet button . If you don't know what that is . Its a thing thats put over the mag release and it stops you from being able to release the mag with just your finger . There is a small hole in the mag release cover and you need a small pointed tool or a bullet to insert in to the hole and push the mag release . We are also restricted to 10 rounds max in a magazine .

Anyways my thought was just build your own .
You get a stripped lower $100

lower parts kit $40

fixed but stock $60

A complete upper $500--- As for the upper you can customize it Free float rail

FN makes there barrels so you know there solid .All there other parts are solid as well . There customer service sucks though, but you get your stuff

There you go, all done $700 . Thats with out knowing your laws . you can tinker with it to make sure your compliant with all your state laws .

Thats what I did and got this for $600 out the door

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