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Hello, everyone..interesting posts! The story I have is a bit of a twist to the OP's..I was dickering with an antique firearm dealer friend over a 1930's prone match .22 with custom work and barrel by none other than the old master H.M. Pope..He came down but wouldn't go any lower on price. Then he made a "mistake" He said.."if you don't like the price on this one..I have an extra fancy stocked engraved action custom Rigby-Ballard with a Pope barrel from 1930..It will make that rifle look like a steal". Well...I figured I would do what I did at last gun had two beautiful old stag Bisley grips..wouldn't budge on price of made him offer for both..for a far better price!
Told wife about deal..but lacked enough "mad money" for both...I nearly fainted when she suggested I make my very best deal for the pair!
Dealer was caught off guard..I did make a great deal..and bless her heart, she had some bonds maturing. Next Spring it will be our 30th..I knew I had a keeper when we met in 82'!
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