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^thanks for the help! I was wondering though how long it takes on average to get a firearm from an online site in general. Like if I was buying a gun that was in stock and was already legal. Anyone have insight on that?
Buds typically ships very fast. I have received firearms from them as quickly as 2 business days after I ordered, and the longest was 5 business days (holiday time).

And you loose a good amount of velocity with a 14.5 inch barrel compared to a 16" barrel
You actually don't. I posted a link that shows velocity vs. barrel length, and the expected velocity gain of that extra 1.5" barrel length will be anywhere from 50-100 fps. For paper punching (like the OP is wanting), that is a negligible difference.

From that link:

The range is 26 fps-40 fps per inch of barrel length depending on load.
Stay away from 24" barrels you will loose velocity with most common loads.
And while I do not have the tools necessary to perform this test on my own, the link that I provided actually has the tests that prove otherwise.

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