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I don`t know would like to find a bolt for it. I know it will be a bolt with a rifle around it. So I will still have a rifle without a bolt. The rifle is about 6 pounds right now and its not the stock. Would you know if a 565 pal bolt would fit? Pick up four more .22 one is a mossberg 640kc. The 640 is on it`s way to a ffi almost a c&r some are but how do you tell. Do you know what the c is in the 640kc c= Cost a lot to shoot. Will be shooting this one a bit slower. On a funny note just started into reloading cast my own my frist try was 4 hour ago frist shot @50 yards 3" high next 5 shots no idea where they went ,5 more shots with factory right on scopes fine. Must of fell apart on the way. 30-30, 154gr. 11gr 2400 No Gas Check . Miss a 6" target @ 50 yard`s. So I`m on my way to get BIGGER TARGETS . John
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