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Steyr S40-A1 Question...

I just read somewhere tonight that the Steyr S40-A1 has conventional rifling, and not polygonal rifling. Supposedly, the original M9/M40 series had Polygonal rifling when Steyr first exported it to the USA several years ago. For a period of time, exportation was halted on the M-Series. But, in 2010, as part of a redesign, and re-importation effort, they redesigned the M9/M40, at which time Steyr introduced the compact S9/S40 series to the USA as well, supposedly just a smaller version of the M-Series design.

According to what I read, as part of the redesign, Steyr changed the rifling to conventional rifling. Can anyone confirm that the S40-A1 has conventional rifling?

If so, that makes cast bullet reloading issues a little more manageable, not having to contend with the polygonal rifling, plus with the fully supported chamber, it makes the Steyr a better candidate than Glock for not only cast bullet reloading, but jacketed as well, assuming that a shooter might be interested in a close competitor to Glock for reloading.
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