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Well, I did some homework and I feel pretty confident that it's manueverable in the home. Probably could'nt hurt to mention that I live alone in a very rural area with no neighbors so over penetration is no real issue for my situation. I have among countless other firearms a different "go to" gun aside from the sub 2k. mossberg 500 persuader 20" 7+1 with either slugs or 00 in it at all times, the only problem with it is that in the dark it can be very cumbersome to operate while holding a flashlight is a way such that it fulfills its duty as a target identifier without compromising my proficiency with the weapon. Of course there is the afro mentioned glock 23 option involving one handed pistol operation and the support hand goes into illumination duty. In the event that I should venture outside to pursue and subdue/incapacitate if necessary the assumed assailant I feel that a rifle platform is much more stable for a guarenteed hit at including but not limited to 25 yards. Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty handy with the little glock but I must admit as I think just about everyone else must as well, I am still better with a rifle. Seeing as the sub 2k was very convenient to mount a light to that is the one that got one so there is where I am... So, .40 with 4 inch barrel or 9mm out of a carbine? Of couse during the day it'll be the mossberg but at night those are my options
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