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I've been happy with Lee dies, and in .223 I just their cheap "RGB" 2-die set (I didn't need a shellholder.) If you need a small-base die you'll have to spend big bucks for another brand.

You'll also need a case trimmer. I use a Lee, with the cutter/depth_gauge chucked in a drill press, and hold the cases by hand while I run the depth gauge into the table. If you don't have a drill press, chuck the Lee trimmer case holder in the previously mentioned cordless drill and hold the cutter/depth_gauge by hand.

That is mostly what I do and get great results. No issues, and rounds chamber every time as long as I don't screw something up. Accuracy is very good at around 1.5ish MOA from my 16" barrel using decent but not match bullets. (fmj bullets will be worse and SMKs will be better, of course.)
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