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I almost always shoot for accuracy . Not always MOA but Im shooting at something I want to hit . I don't mix 223 with 5.56 or brands with other brands or even wieghts of the same brand . Each of those things can change point of impact . I don't want 4 different impact points out of the same mag .

Now this is generally speaking
The twist rate of your barrel matters a great deal when it comes to the wieght on the bullet you will be shooting . 1-7 twist 62 grians or higher . 1-8 twist for the most part any wieght ,1-9 twist anything up to 62 grains . They say if you shoot lets say a 40 grain bullet out of a 1-7 you can spin the copper jacket right of the bullet . 1-9 twist is not fast enough to stabilze a heavier bullet .

If your shooting at lets say a bowling pin at 50 yards . you will probably hit it with what ever is in your mag . Put that same pin at 3 or 4 hundred yards and its going to matter what your gun likes to shoot .

Im sure you know but I'll say it any ways . Not all guns shoot the same ammo the same . You will need to take a bunch of different ammo out to the range and try them all out and see what your gun likes the best .

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