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need recommendation for 223 dies

Hello, I am just getting started into reloading and am going to pick up a Hornady Lock n Load AP Progressive press tomorrow and wanted to find out what are some of the better die sets out there to choose from. I will be shooting the.223/5.56 thru an AR15 semi auto only. I dont mind paying a few extra bucks where needed but dont want to waste money better spent elsewhere. I will be using a wide range of brass and some do have crimped primers. So what dies would be good for anything I might run across? I want to go ahead and buy them so I can refer to them and play with them as I am learning. I will be doing other calibers but dont want to have too many questions going on in one post. I have read a lot here and found great info but some of it is older and maybe not up to date. So any recommendations on a good solid set of dies that would serve ALL my .223/5.56 needs? or even a mix n match recommendation? Thanks very much! this would be soo much harder without all the years experience on this great board!
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