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Yep...the load should be safe, unless you're pushing towards the hot end.
Loads are based on weight, so when you can't find load info for a particular bullet, take the data from a similar (hopefully exact) weight bullet, and start low and work up like usual.

Accuracy is whole 'nother animal.
Bullet shape- ogive- and length, even for the same weight bullet, can vary a LOT.

We'd had good success with 6.5, 123 grain Amax's in our 6.5 Grendel AR. We'd also had good results with Nosler's Custom Competition bullets in .223, so when I saw they had a 6.5 in 123 grain, I bought a box...

Didn't shoot nearly as well as the Amax's, but more importantly to note is that they have a completely different ogive- like a SMK- and the loaded length to the ogive was much less than the Amax.
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