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I'm gonna throw a wrench in the works and strongly recommend the Taurus TCP. I love mine and it has things that a lot of the other ones don't. It has the slide stop with last round hold open and a much better trigger then all the ones I dry fired. Plus, no safety to mess stuff up and the internal lock that some people like.

That's my $0.02....

If I would have to choose between the ones you said though, it would be the LCP. Is the Bersa even in the same size class? I didn't like the BG at all when I held it. Like others have said the LCP is a more refined Kel Tec so the KT is out.

I would still go with my TCP though. The only ammo it doesnt like is the CHEAP Tulammo. The only thing I would trade it for would be the Sig P238, but that is over two times as much as the TCP.
I agree!

My Taurus TCP 738, has been a great little pocket gun, I use it for main carry on some days, and as a back up gun on other days. It is just so easy to carry it every day.
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