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"Have you fired the A400 XTreme to make a first-hand comparison?"
No - just the Maxus. Read reviews. Fastest shooting shotgun, low recoil and reliable. That is what I see. A400 may have set the bar higher. This partial reprint of Gun Test Review is from Browning web site:
Gun Tests magazine is a focused little publication that works hard at what it does. And one thing that sets it apart from many others is that they don't accept advertising. You, the subscribers, pay for it all. And because of this they are known for their less bias, sometimes very critical and often tough gun reviews. They grade guns with the same kind of grades given in school and they recommend guns as to whether you should buy them or not. That makes their December 2009 review all the more interesting.

"In their own words,

"The Maxus deserves and easily gets an "A." It is the most versatile shotgun Browning has ever made, and in many ways is the best shotgun the company has ever made."

The mere mention of the Maxus being "the best shotgun" ever made by Browning gets our attention. It is always a remarkable experience to have every gun we make compared to those produced by the our founder: the gun designing genius John M. Browning. We always work hard to live up to his legacy. And when it comes to two categories -- autoloaders and over/unders -- the weight of his genius is especially enormous. With the Maxus we set out to create the best, most reliable, most functional autoloader ever. And since its introduction at the SHOT Show in 2009 the experts have been weighing in. And the reports are excellent. But our best reward is your success in the field. So we hope this review will further help you in making your decision about which autoloader you will be buying and hunting with this year.

To read the full Gun Tests story you will need to borrow your friends December copy or subscribe yourself. But we would like to "review the review" offering a few of the best quotes from this comprehensive article.

Although the article itself compares the Maxus to another popular autoloader, the review comparisons are not nearly as important as the way the Browning Maxus distinguishes itself as being in a class all it's own. Here are a few brief examples from the article:

Recoil. ". . . the Maxus was the softest-shooting 12 gauge of its weight that we have ever tested."
Adjustable length of pull. "We note that the Maxus has adjustable length of pull, with the appropriate buttstock spacers included right in the box -- not an optional accessory, but already supplied.
"3 1/2" Chamber. "Rather than an afterthought, the Maxus was designed from the start to be a 3 1/2" gun . . . "
Gas system. "The Maxus gas system stayed remarkable clean . . . gas fouling is restricted to the front of the magazine tube -- while the rest of the tube and the action remained almost residue-free."
The look. " We liked the big, bold, strong look of the Maxus receiver . . . "
Speed Load. "The Browning 'Speed Load' feature that we have always loved is back, this time as 'Speed Load Plus.' The "Plus" part is speed unloading as well . . . "
Trigger. ". . . no initial creep and an extremely crisp break."
Weight. "This Maxus delivered on its promise of being a lightweight gun, weighing in at 6.9 pounds, exactly as cataloged."
Load Versatility. "Straight out of the box it handled a variety of loads at it minimum power range with no problem.
Forearm: "The Maxus forearm is slim, trim, and pops on the barrel with a latch more like you'd find on an over / under forearm." "It is slim, trim . . . lightning quick to remove and faster yet to replace."
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