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SAFN query

Hi folks, I am new to the forums.

Some years ago I purchased an FN 49, at the time I thought it was a Hakim. I do not think it is original, at least in the stock.

The receiver has a crown stamped on it, with apparently arabic letters in parentheses below it. To the right of this is a star over an L below which is a verticle line and what looks like a 'V'.

On the other side is a line of characters looking like a backward 7, an A without the cross bar, a warped I, and another backward 7.

Below those are numbers; 2813 and just below and to the right of those are 'Fabrique Nationale D'Armes De Guerre - Herstal - Belgique'

The rear sight leaf has numerals in what appears to be arabic.

The gas plug also has what appears to be arabic characters.

The stock appears to be some white wood, like beech, which has been stained walnut. The but is plastic, without the trapdoor. There is no armorer's coin.

I was told it is chambered for 8,mm Mauser and the ammo recommended was Serbian.

I finally have it all cleaned up and ready to rock. Question is, what is this? An actual Egyptian rifle or something cobbled together?

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