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Nonsense? No that is your opinion vs my opinion.

I do not NEED to prove an opinion gained over 3 decades of LE experience. The 45 has kinetic energy and is great for knocking over steel plates and bowling pins. That hardly means it is as effective on the street as a gun that holds almost twice as much ammo in a package that is significantly smaller and lighter.

I will not dispute that a 45 ACP HST @850 FPS makes a BIG hole, but so does a 357 Sig GD @ 1450 FPS. I love that jello shot that keeps showing up, if you are going to use that data you should at least use current data, that picture must be 10 years old.

I too grew up with the myth of the mighty 45, carried one for years. If you are happy and it makes you have sweet dreams, by all means carry what you will.
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