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I've had a Taurus 738 in my pocket for the last 3 days. No safety or laser, but it seems to be ok. The ONLY thing I can say I don't like is the mag keeps popping out on me. But its also in my left front pocket. I'm sure if it were in my right pocket, this wouldn't be a problem. My guess is I keep bumping it.

My buddy carries the Kel-Tek and he loves it. He just needed to get a new extractor spring screw replaced and it was golden.

Originally Posted by SteveBonning
I did all my research about a year ago looking for a .380. Time and time again the research took me back to the BG380. The weapon had problems in the early serial numbers, but that issue was resolved. I went with the Bodyguard due to the real sights, reliability, laser (bonus for me as I don't use it often), accuracy and durability. I've put over 1000 rounds through it and it eats everything I've put through it. No malfunctions whatsoever. It is a favorite of mine to conceal carry.

For the price/quality/durability/ease of use and disassembly, I'm glad I went with the Bodyguard.
I like what this man has to say. I think I see one of these coming to me in the near feature.
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