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I've mentioned this before ....but today there are 44 different models of guns in the Citori line of Brownings....and 18 more in the Cynergy line of guns.../ so if we use the generic term "Citori" ...there is not really any way to tell, which model we are talking about...

Browning first introduced the Invector chokes in 1983 / but only in some models....and they introduced the Invector Plus in 1989 / again not in all models ...and even today, in some models, in 28ga or .410 all Browning makes is the old Invecotor series. Invector Plus chokes do give a little better patterns / but there isn't really anything wrong with the old Invector choke system either.

Now in some of the older Browning Citori's ...prior to 1989 or so ...they did refer to them as just "Citori's" in their marketing literature....but most of the time, these guns are the older versions of today's Citori Lightning models ( their field guns )...and yes, sometimes you can find some in 12ga or 20ga for around $1,000...( I bought one new, in 1988 for about $ 750 / today its still worth $ 1,250 or so )...after thousands of shells and 2 boys and a few grandkids using it as a training gun...../ now prior to 1983 and the Invector screw in choke systems...they were all "fixed choke guns".

Older guns can often be threaded for screw in chokes...for $ 250 - $ 500 or so ...

Picking a gun is about "Fit" more than who made it ....and it "Fits" if the point of impact, hits where you look. Guns with angled combs on them / have some issues on fit ...and they will give you a different point of impact if you shoot in a T shirt in summer...and a coat and sweater in winter.../ vs a model like Citori XS Skeet...that has a parallel comb ( comb is barrel to barrel ) your face may move up or back on comb 1/2" or more ...and point of impact is unchanged.

Citori XS Skeet, with an adustable comb me, is the most versatile gun in the Citori line for all around shotgunning...but new, they're selling for around $ 3,200 these days ( list is $3,600) ...but in a 30" barrel and around 8.5 lbs in a 12ga is a great gun ....and I have one that is barely broken in today with close to 500,000 shells thru it now .....( and they made same model in a 20ga as well ) and some special order XS Skeet models in 28ga and .410 - both made on a 20ga receiver...are out there / new and used.

Sometimes the search is a big part of the fun...

Our buddy Slugo on here...speaks very highly of the new Citori 725 series as well...

so its not just ...look for a Citori ...( same as in cars ) you have to do your homework ..and understand your models ...and lots of models are no longer in the Browning catalog ....a buddy yesterday, bought a used Citori Lightning Sporting Clays model, 12ga, 30" barrels...with a full set of Briley tubes in 20ga, 28ga and .410 for a little under $ 2,500 ....stock needs some TLC...but overall, its heavily used, but still a good buy / and a pretty nice gun.
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