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I live in NJ where we also have a form of "assault weapon" ban that prohibits collapsible stocks and flash hiders on ARs and limits us to 15 round magazines. I just bought a new AR -- a S&W M&P sport ban compliant version. For me, this was the perfect ban compliant AR. It's inexpensive ($630), comes with a collapsible rear sight and flattop with rail, has gotten excellent reviews for reliability and accuracy, and has a target crowned bull barrel rather than a muzzle brake. It doesn't have a dust cover or forward assist, neither of which I need. S&W is the only manufacturer that I know of that makes compliant ARs without a muzzle brake.

I changed the handguard for a Magpul MOE version, installed a Magpul MOE vertical grip, a Viking Tactics light mount with a surefire flashlight I already had, and an Eotech 512. All in, with the new furniture and sight and two additional pmags, I spent less than $1100. For a range toy and home defense gun, I don't think I could have done better anywhere. I suggest you find one if you can.
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