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I have killed several deer with a pistol. The pistol was never my primary weapon. I have a Dan Wesson with a 10" barrel. It's not a 100 yard gun. It was designed for silhouette shooting. People that can hit a target at 100 yards with a 4" barrel only exist on the internet. Olympic shooters can't do it.
Better back up a couple of steps there before you say something silly. A lot of us can do it, there is no magic involved, just a good gun, basic application of good marksmanship and lots of practice.

This is a 5 shot group on a 6" bullseye target at 100 yards with a S&W M58 41 magnum. That is a 5"x7" group.

I have similar targets shot with my Colt 1911A1 45 ACP and my Dan Wesson .357 mag with 4" barrel. Just because you haven't done it does not mean that there aren't a lot of people out there not doing it. It helps that I do not have a scope because then I am not tempted to take a shot at a target I cannot see clearly and I have to pay attention to the fundamentals.

Ruby Fox won the silver in 1984 at 25 meters in sporting pistol, you did not want her shooting any pistol at you at 200 yards, she would have ruined your whole day. I'm not even close to her in skill level, the only thing I have in common with her is our age.
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