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Then batches will be a thing of the past, except for bottle nose cartridges.
Naaaa, they just get bigger, that's all.

I load using a batch method of sorts. When I get a bucket full of cases in a particular caliber, I will run them through the sizer and deprime them all. Then I will randomly pull out 25 or so and check the length. If the majority are long they all get trimmed to the shortest I find, if they are still within .002 (+/-.002) of where I trimmed them to in the first place, then I will finish up by throwing them all into the case tumbler again. Once they have been there a second time they are ready for primers, powder, and bullets.

When I get ready I either load a hundred or so with my single stage, or I load 500 or more with the progressive. It depends on what caliber and loads I am using at he time.
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