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How much do you process ?

Howdy, thanks for taking the time to read my thread. I am currently reloading 9mm. I have a variety or bullets to load, mostly Berrys rn (1000) and Horandy xtps (500) and a few hundred of others. So im looking at roughly 2000 reloads. I have processed them up to and including primers. Pretty boring doing the same thing 2000 times before moving on to next step. Does anyone else do large amounts, one step at a time? Or do you do samller batches? I know what loads I want for each bullet so I will go ahead and finish loading them at say batches of 300, now that Im at the powder throw step. I know I really need to invest in a Dillon650b, thats next year. Just wondering what size batches you guys run at a time.
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