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I agree with most here, and especially Frank.

This man did not perform as I would expect from most security guards. If anyone has seen the video of the shooting at the Empire State Building, those officers were not nearly as calm and collected as this security guard was.

This guard's mechanics and fundamentals; his draw, his control of the pistol, using cover, and shooting while on the move. You can also see at the end, even though he witnessed the three exit the building, he moved forward to make sure that no criminals were hiding behind the desk and he used the cover that he had to his advantage.

His level of training was evident from the very beginning. His draw was smooth and he sidestepped to his strong side which allowed him to have his right foot planted in order to have a good base to fire an accurate first shot from. From there he kept a good shooting platform and stance (even when moving), in the face multiple armed assailants.

All in all, a job very well done by this security guard.

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