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ive said this in a couple other 500/870 threads...

My huntin buddie uses an 870. I use a 500. We hunt water fowl, deer and coyote with them. I dont know how many years we have been doing this but its over 15. We like to go out and just shoot clay also. neither gun has ever malfunctioned. Neither has had major finish problems - both are looking a touch beat up with even wear. Neither has had any parts wear out to date other than chokes. The 870 reciever has a touch of surface rust now. the 500 is clean


his 870 has nicer looking wood (grain and color)than my 500.
The safety and slide release are in a better location on the 500.
The 500 forarm has that "wiggle" - my buddy hates that. I dont mind.
I feel the 500 has a smoother quicker action.
the 500 is a touch lighter.
Easier to remove the mag plug for HD in a 500.
The 500 is less $$

Soo the winner is.?.?
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