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Originally Posted by SHR970
Ruger carbines, Marlin Camp series, 30M1, just to name a few do not require BB. If it doesn't have a "pistol grip" or thumb hole sporter stock, it probably does not require a BB.
Yes, but then you don't get a pistol grip, now you have a rifle carbine. I'd prefer the pistol grip for in the house, so a pistol caliber carbine wins out, probably in 45acp. Sucks to live in a state that doesn't really care about the rights of it's people or the constitution. Although i love the weather in LA, it's flippin awsome.

And BTW, i think i remember someone making a thumbhole stock for the ar15. Legality wise, it has never come up in court so there is no precedence as to whether you need a bullet button for that or not. But technically you don't need a bullet button. However, i'm no lawyer and not giving any legal advice.
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