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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a reloader had the ability to measure brass as in “That brass was probably fired from a machine gun” and “A bulk deal on 308 once fired may not be such a bargain. Once Fired Military 308 are a lot of work before you can shoot them”.

My favorite case? A case that was fired in a trashy Ol’ chamber or a case that was fired fired in a machine gun, after that there is the 280 Remington cases for the 30/06 family of chambers all the way up to 35 Whelen.

Then there is the mystery, what is wrong with all the presses in use by reloaders that do not have the ability overcome a cases ability to resist sizing? Then there is the lack of ability of the reloader to determine the presses ability or lack of ability to size a case.

Then there is Cylinder Brass by R-P.

I have formed 308 Winchester/7.62 NATO cases from 30/06 cases cases, new commercial, once fired to military LC, SL, TW, etc., etc.. When a case whips my press I can determine ‘by how much’.

Difference in cases, I have found the biggest difference between 308 Commercial and LC military cases is in the length and diameter of the powder column.

Then there are all the lofty terms used to describe the effect the chamber had on the case when fired. I do not need more brass, I have all the brass I will every be able to use, but, when I needed brass I went to the range and purchases brass that was fired in ugly chambers, not something a reloader would do but I measured the length of the cases from the head of the case to the shoulder of the case, to most that is a mindless effort in busy work. But for me is was a matter of not waking up in a new world everyday and starting over. I measure the length of the chamber from the bolt face to the shoulder of the chamber first, in an effort to reduce case travel I sized the cases to fit my chamber (chambers).

Again, I have one M1917 Eddystone with .016” added to the length of the chamber from the bolt face to the shoulder of the chamber, if any thought was given to the problem most would think fire to form would would be the answer, I form first then fire, I can form 280 Remington cases to fit the chamber, I can use cases that were fired in trashy old chambers, I know, the conditioned response is: The cases fired in the trashy old chamber stretched when fired, then we return to the top of this response “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a reloader had the ability to measure brass etc..

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