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My own take on this is that there's more to the story. And in any case, the Internet is a lousy place for the OP to come for advice on a real life legal matter.

[1] No one can really help without all the information. There may be details that are important but are missing. At this point we have only the sketchiest of information.

[2] The Internet is a public place. What's discussed here is NOT confidential. It's a bad idea to discuss personal, serious matters with strangers in public.

[3] The OP needs to find out what appeal mechanism is available and pursue that.

[4] The best thing would be for the OP to find a qualified gun rights lawyer. Among other things, what the OP and his lawyer discusses is confidential.

[5] Some good gun rights lawyers in California are:

30021 Tomas Street, Suite 300
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688
[email protected]
T: 949.310.0817
F: 949.288.6894

The Law Office of David J. Salvin
A Professional Corporation
23276 South Pointe Dr., Ste 216
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Tel: (949) 305-6400
Fax: (949)305-6645
[email protected]

Michel and Associates
180 East Ocean Boulevard #200,
Long Beach, CA
[email protected]
(562) 216-4444
Direct: (562) 216-4441
Assistant: (562) 216-4458

Bruce Colodny
The California Gun Attorney
PO Box 10787
San Bernardino, CA 92423-0787
800-560-8000 toll free
[email protected]

Now I'm going to close this thread because with the minimal information we have anything further will be speculation.
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