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"Ringing" a shotgun shell???

Has anyone ever heard of a practice called "Ringing" a shotgun shell? A letter my wife found in The Backwoodsman magazine asks about it.

Apparently it involves "cutting in front of the brass on a shotgun shell lightly so when it is fired that part breaks off from the shell and goes to the target."

Sounds idiotic and dangerous to me, plus I fail to see any purpose to it, other than to convert a shot shell into a pseudo-slug. I guess that might be the purpose, since The Backwoodsman is chock-full of info on survivalist and free-living tips such as how to reload .22 rimfire cartridges using match heads for priming compound, etc.

I doubt it could be done with a modern plastic shell, though it might be possible with an old high-base paper shell. I don't think it could be done successfully without sealing the crimp so it wouldn't open, and I would think it would be just asking to leave the front of the hull in the barrel as an obstruction.

I'm posting this in the General forum to get wider exposure. Mods feel free to move this to Shotguns if appropriate. I had never heard of anything like this and am wondering if anyone else has.
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