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I remember the AWB days. Thankfully, it expired around here.

Personally, I would rather have a "naked" 16" barrel than one with a muzzle brake. Although the AK74 type brake was better than that double hole brake they used to use. The Izzy comp didn't look like it would be as bad.

They are ear piercingly loud, especially if you have to stand next to the person shooting it.

More annoying to me is the blast wave of air that puffs in your face with every shot if you are shooting from a covered lane or with tree cover.

The shorter barrel will magnifiy this unfortunately.

I personally don't like the looks of Evil Black Rifles that don't have flash hiders but if you are going to shoot it a lot, or ever plan on taking it hunting without plugs or noise canceling ear muffs you might prefer not having a muzzle brake.

I think there are some "muzzle treatments", that you can get that look like a flash hider, but don't rattle your teeth when you fire.

I would definitely try one out before I bought it if I could. I went from a naked barrel to a comped rifle way back in the day, and while it looked better, it was significantly less fun to shoot and this was with a 20" barrel.
I am no longer participating in gun forums.

Good luck.
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